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Siberian Green is a family-owned company and a cooperative of several small to mid-size Siberian organic and natural foods manufacturers located in Altay Region.

We specialize in natural extra virgin oils, shilajit (mumijo), herbs, berries, balms and resins–all healthy foods and supplements coming from one of the purest regions in the world–Siberia, Altai.

Our products have been well known on the global market for very many decades and chances are you bought and used our products in the past.

Now, “Siberian Green”cooperative provides scale and resources to bring Siberian healthy foods to the next global level while maintaining traditional all-natural eco-quality.

We bring the modern purification and testing technology, cut the cost of middleman and pass savings directly onto our customers, provide premium global customer support and fastest passible delivery from warehouses in USA, Australia, Europe.

Even more importantly, we are proud of what we don’t do-we don’t dilute or add anything to our products or anything that can violate the most valuable thing we are offering-the purity and strength of Green Siberia. We strive to raise these quality standards every day because this is our company mission and vision-to make pure, natural, green, and healthy Siberian products available all over the world.

Finally, “Siberian Green” family strives to be good stewards of our planet and our beautiful homeland – Siberia.

We are fully committed to sustainable ingredients sourcing, environmentally friendly packaging, and eco-partnerships. For example, “Siberian Green’ partners with Altaisky National Biosphere Reserve and donates a portion of sales revenue to this unique, UNESCO protested site at the foot hills of Altai Golden Mountains in Siberia.

Altai Golden Mountains is the source of our famous Altai Shilajit (mumijo) for our selected brands and products. "Golden Mountains" Shilajit proudly carries the logo of Altaisky Biosphere Reserve.

Thank you for your support of Siberian nature and wildlife by being a loyal customer of “Siberian Green”