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Siberian Bird Cherry Powder (Flour) Gluten free Raw Wild Harvested 300gr/10.58oz Altai Region

Content: Bird Cherry Powder (Prunus Padus)

Altai, Siberian Wild-harvested - Raw, Natural, Organic

No Gluten, No Soy, no additives, aromas, or colorings

Dimensions: pouch bag 300 grams, 8 inch x 4 inch x 2 inch

Siberian Bird Cherry Powder - Flour (Prunus Padus) is perfect for baking - cakes, pastries, muffins, pancakes, shortbread, biscuits, puddings and so much more. Can be also added to coffee, herbal tea, smoothies and jelly (e.g. traditional Siberian kissel).

Bird cherry flour naturally does not contain gluten. 100 grams of our Siberian Bird cherry flour contains 119 Cal. Just compare this with a generic brand of wheat flour containing 350 Cal. Sounds like is great way to enjoy your favorite pastries and at the same time to consume less calories! We Love our Siberian Bird Cherry Powder Flour for its’ unique, distinctive Siberian taste – Siberians compare Bir Cherry Powder taste to a blend of chocolate, almond, and rum!

SIBERIAN BIRD CHERRY CAKE RECIPE: Ingredients: 1 cup of our Siberian Bird Cherry Flour, 2 eggs, 1 cup of sour cream, ½ cup of wheat flour, 1 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking powder. Recipe: Mix Siberian Bird Cherry Flour with sour cream and chill for two hours. Beat eggs with sugar, stir in the mixture of bird cherries and sour cream, then sift in flour and baking powder and mix until smooth. Bake at 180 C (356 F) degrees for 45 minutes. Cut the cake into two layers, spread the lower one with an ample amount of sour cream and top it with the second layer. Let it sit for 8-12 hours. Enjoy!

STORAGE: store in a cool dry place. For better results store in a closed plastic or glass container at room temperature

  • ✔️ SIBERIAN BIRD CHERRY POWDER - La farine (Prunus Padus) est parfaite pour la cuisson - gâteaux, pâtisseries, muffins, pancakes, sablés, biscuits, puddings et bien plus encore. Peut également être utilisé dans le café, la tisane, les smoothies et la gelée (par exemple, le kissel sibérien traditionnel).
  • ✔️ La farine de cerise des oiseaux ne contient naturellement pas de gluten. 100 grammes de notre farine de cerises de Sibérie contiennent 119 calories. Comparez cela à une farine de blé ordinaire, qui contient 350 calories. Cela semble être une excellente façon de savourer vos pâtisseries préférées tout en mangeant moins de calories !
  • ✔️ Nous aimons notre farine de cerise sauvage de Sibérie pour sa saveur sibérienne unique et distinctive - Les Sibériens comparent le goût de la farine de cerise sauvage à un mélange de chocolat, d'amandes et de rhum !
  • ✔️ STOCKAGE : Conserver dans un endroit frais et sec. Pour de meilleurs résultats, conserver dans un récipient en plastique ou en verre fermé à température ambiante

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Customer Reviews

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Alla Mundraby P.O.Box 897 (pearlshelll)
Tasty powder

Thank you for the Bird Cherry Powder. I love it a lot! Happy that I can find it in Australia.


Thank you for the possibility to buy these products. Very helpful!

Elena Kazimirova

Everything is perfect

viktor l.
Super !

Thank you very much !

Sharon Wellesley

Great product,