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Golden Mountains Shilajit Resin Premium Pure Authentic Siberian Altai 100g 3.53oz - Measuring Spoon – Exclusive Quality Certificate

Golden Mountains Shilajit Resin is Purified Premium Exclusive Altai Siberian Shilajit (in various packaging) manufactured using proprietary technology that is designed to ensure the best possible purification and maintains all the benefits of this naturally unique product.

No preservatives, colorants, aromas.

Produced in Altai, Siberia, Golden Mountains

1 pack of 3.4oz (100 gram)

Eco-glass jar

400 servings (1 serving = 0.25g)

Measuring spoon included

Golden Mountains Shilajit resin contains 100% pure shilajit resin harvested high in the Altai, Siberia mountains. Golden Mountains of Altai is one of the most unique and biodiverse regions in Central Siberia. A sizable portion of revenue from sales of this Premium Altai Mumijo is donated to Altaisky Nature Preserve , one of the sites of Golden Mountains of Altai!

Manufactured/ Designed by Siberian Green

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Michel Duguay
On my second bottle and no significant change

Have not seen any significant results

Bruce Moreton
Couldn't be better

I was surprised to find the product has done as it said. I was on BP medicine and stopped taking it once I received the Shilajit. I had it tested after not taking it for a month and to my surprise my BP was almost perfect. Great product

jonathan dicaire

Golden Mountains Shilajit Resin Premium Pure Authentic Siberian Altai 100g 3.53oz - Measuring Spoon – Exclusive Quality Certificate

Seema Sharma
Very good

Very good result 👍

A Solid Product you can count on

I had tried Golden Mountains shilajit elsewhere before buying this one, so I knew it was good. Exactly same kind as Siberiangreen sells. You can tell it's well refined and the taste isn't half as bad as I was expecting (when I first tried it). By Day 2, you're even liking the taste and looking forward to the next dose. That's your body saying, 'give me some more of that stuff.' I take it with half a cup of warm water.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found the Russian script in the same glass container to be even better. There are differences. This one is blended so it's from more than one Siberian site and possibly elevation as well. It has a lower melting point and is sticky, messy, and gooey. It has a stronger taste and I suspect is stronger shilajit all round. The question is why? It seems to have more of a calming effect and helps you sleep better. Has one of the alternate Siberian sites been underestimated? One thing is for sure, "its loyal following" is not just based on the product being on the market longer. Mountain Tear is closer to the Golden Mountains but not exactly the same. I like it equally as well as the Golden Mountains kind. It is blended from multiple Siberian sites as well. It is missing a scooping or scraping tool. so my recommendation to the new customer would be to buy all three and rotate, using all during any given week. You will save money by buying more. The Company should sell all three in a pack with a special price. It would be a great gift idea and will last you for quite awhile. Monkeys love shilajit. You and your family will, too!