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Siberian Green Sea Buckthorn Tea 100g (3.53 oz) Sun Dried Leaves Hippophae Wild Harvested Altai Mountains

Content: Sea buckthorn leaves 100% (Hippophae rhamnoides)

Altai, Siberian Wild-harvested, Raw, Natural, Organic. Premium Quality

No Gluten, No Soy, no additives, aromas, or colorings

Sea buckthorn tea from leaves with berries of the plant (Hippophae rhamnoides). Caffeine Free! Raw and natural. 100% Nothing added. Wild harvested in the Altai Mountains, Siberia. Net weight: 100g. STORAGE: Room temperature (15-25°C), keep closed between uses. WARNING: Contains tiny parts of sea buckthorn branches, leaves, and hard seeds of the berries. Untreated, sun dried, naturally oily.

HOW TO USE: Add 1 tsp per 200 ml cup of hot water. Brew for 5-15 minutes for a better experience. Consume hot or cold. Seabuckthorn tea is sunshine yellow liquid that boosts your overall energy, refreshes your mind and supports your health daily! Recommend Siberian Green sea buckthorn tea as the ultimate soothing treat!

Collected in pristine, remote, and unpolluted Siberian forests. Nothing added – 100% natural. Raw and ethically wild harvested in Altai mountain forests along the rivers where sea buckthorn mostly grows. Sun dried and gently packed for you to preserve the whole leaves so you could enjoy 100% benefits, delicious and unique aroma. Contains natural sea buckthorn berries! Enjoy

Sea buckthorn tea from leaves is very well known in Siberia and oriental tradition as it helps to reduce oxidative stress and boost your overall energy levels naturally without caffeine! Sea buckthorn tea is a tasty and healthy addition to your daily menu.

STORAGE: store in a cool dry place. For better results store in a closed plastic or glass container at room temperature

Manufactured/ Designed by Siberian Green

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